2014 Skidmore Jazz Institute

Thank you for your interest in the Skidmore College Jazz Institute. To successfully apply for this program you will need to submit an online application (link below) and complete an online audition. After completing the application form and paying the required $60 application fee you will receive a link to Decision Desk, where you will be asked to submit your music files and supplemental materials. Decision Desk is an online, web-based program that allows students to easily upload their music portfolios. There is no additional charge for using this service.

Required files you will be uploading for your online audition (on Decision Desk) are listed below. Please make sure the file name of your attachments has your full name and item description.

• Audio recordings (specifics follow below) Audio files are preferred; please submit video only if absolutely necessary.
• Brief description of your musical background (jazz and non-jazz), indicating your preferred style(s) of jazz.
• Letter of Recommendation from a teacher (if you are a student). Please be prepared to provide us with your teacher’s name and e-mail address. We will contact them directly with a link so they may submit your letter of recommendation online.

Audio Recording: To allow us to group combos and arrange classes, an audio recording is required. Applicants may perform unaccompanied, or with prerecorded rhythm tracks as an accompaniment to the tunes. A live performance that clearly demonstrates your abilities is also acceptable. Recordings are not judged on the basis of their recorded quality. We realize that access to recording equipment will vary with each applicant, but we do ask that you try to produce the best recording possible.

A file containing 10 to 15 minutes of material must include the following: 
• two different styles of jazz performance: swing and ballad
(for each tune you should play the melody in its entirety, followed by an improvised chorus)
May be uploaded in two separate files.

Bass Players only:
In addition to the previously listed materials, please include
•a walking bass line over two choruses of blues changes, quarter note = 120. Bass players must perform on acoustic bass.
This requirement may be uploaded on one additional file if needed.

Drummers only:
In addition to the previously listed materials, your recording should include the following:
• medium swing (sticks), quarter note = 132
• up tempo swing (sticks), quarter note = 244
• up-tempo swing (brushes), quarter note = 244
• Latin (sticks), half note = 120
• ballad (sticks), quarter note = 60
• ballad (brushes), quarter note = 60
• rock or funk (sticks), quarter note = 92
This requirement may be uploaded on one additional file if needed.


You will be required to pay a $60 application fee at the time of applying. We accept all major credit cards and online checks.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Once you start your application, you will need to complete it in its entirety. The system will not allow you to make changes once the application has been submitted. If you close the browser you will lose all your information.

To start your application click on the link below.


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