Prerequisite Courses Online

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) requires students admitted to Masters’ level social work programs to demonstrate mastery of undergraduate level coursework in Human Biology, Research Methods, and Statistics. (Students admitted to the 30-hour Advanced Standing program have fulfilled these prerequisites). A student who needs to complete any of these 3 “may” be granted “conditional” admission and must successfully complete prerequisite before the end of the first semester, at which time the “conditional” status will be removed. Students needing prerequisites will be prevented from registering for second semester classes until proof of completion of all prerequisites has been submitted to Kent School.

The Master’s prerequisite courses offered through Kent School of Social Work, Department of Continuing Education, are specifically designed to meet your prerequisite needs; thus each course is not the same as a typical University of Louisville course. It is pass/fail and as long as you receive a 70% on the final test you will receive a passing grade. It is up to you to decide how much review and study are necessary prior to taking the test. A practice test will help to gauge your current level of knowledge. It is completely online and so you never meet in person with an instructor. You can take any amount of time to complete the course, however please adhere to the completion deadline dates.

Please note: These prerequisite courses are also available to social work students admitted to other schools of social work, with prior approval from your respective school.

Participants may select up to all three: Human Biology, Research Methods and Statistics. The cost is $130.00 per course. For cancellation and/or refund, contact



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