Lasers in the Dental Practice

Laser technology is an essential tool for innovative dental practitioners wishing to treat their patients in a modern and effective manner. The specific properties of lasers enable new treatments and operating methods to be employed, as well as complementing and supporting existing therapeutic methods.

Patients are increasingly seeking alternative therapies, expecting their dentist to be well informed and to provide information regarding more gentle treatments. Through the use of laser technology, dentists can meet these expectations and provide patients with added benefits compared to more traditional methods.

This course is intended to offer an overview of all-tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers in your dental practice. And for practitioners to acquire and understanding their potential in the practice setting to give dentists better outcomes with less stress on patient and the operator.

During this 4 hour course you will:

- Learn tissue interaction with ErCr, YSGG laser and Diode lasers
- Understand the different types of lasers in use today
- Raise patient awareness and treatment acceptance
- Understand how lasers can increase production and profitability in your practice.

For this course it is recommended that the attendees have an understanding of basic tissue interaction and physics.

About the speaker:
Tim Kelly, DDS, a graduate of Creighton University Dental School, has held a WCLI Mastership since 2004, and in 2007 completed ALD parts 1 and 2 AP. Dr. Kelly is also a member of the AGD, ADA, MDA, AASMD, and LVI. He has been using diode lasers since 1995, and WaterLase since 2002. Through 25 years in private practice, he has performed more than 30,000 WaterLase cavity preparations and over 15,000 laser soft tissue procedures, as well as using diode and WaterLase lasers in crown preparations, crown lengthening, and as an adjunct to periodontal treatment. Since 2004, Dr. Kelly has worked with BIOLASE Research and Development as a chief clinical examiner and clinical trainer on both and diode and WaterLase laser systems. Over the years, Dr. Kelly has lectured at many MAACD, MAGD, WCLI events on the use of lasers in dentistry and how they can improve patient treatment outcomes consistently in less time than conventional treatment.





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