2014 Creighton University Men's Soccer Luncheons

The 2014 Elmar Bolowich Jays Kicks Club Luncheons will be held at Anthony’s Restaurant & Lounge (72nd & F Streets) and the first one will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 10. Other luncheon dates are Wednesday, Oct. 8 and Wednesday, Nov. 5. All of the luncheons start at noon and a season pass is $65 per person. Individual luncheons may be purchased at $25 per person.Reservations need to be made in advance at least 24 hours prior to the luncheon. Highlights of each luncheon will include insight on how the team is progressing, what to look for in upcoming matches plus newsletters with updated statistics, Big East Conference news and door prizes. For more information or to make a reservation by phone or e-mail, contact Barb Epps (402-280-5577, bepps@creighton.edu).

Dates: 9/10; 10/8; & 11/5 at Noon

Map to Event: Click here for directions
The registration period has closed for this event.



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