New Tools in the Fight Against Blight
A southwestern PA Training Series

A partnership of Local Government Academy, Sustainable Pittsburgh, the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania &
the Mon Valley Progress Council.

New tools are transforming the way blight and abandonment is fought in communities across southwestern PA—and the Commonwealth. Local elected and appointed officials, community leaders, municipal solicitors and citizens need to know and understand what tools exist and how they can use them to properly address such properties. This upcoming three-part program series will cover the
administrative, financial and legal aspects of fighting blight.

Program #1
Understanding the Tools in the Fight Against Blight:
Property Inventory, Property Maintenance Codes, Rental Property Registration & Municipal Prosecution

Friday, May 10, 2013
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Fallowfield Township YMCA
101 Taylor run Road / Route 88
Monongahela, PA 15063

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Registration Fee: $35 per program or attend all three programs in the series for $85. Click here for details.


Many local communities are reeling from record numbers of foreclosures and home sales. Other communities have been struggling with high levels of foreclosure and disinvestment for many years. Local governments, and the residents and businesses within them, have a vested interest in promoting the vitality of their communities. Blighted conditions put a drain on public resources, inconvenience local residents and discourage private investment. Constructive efforts by local governments to support responsible private property owners, assure safe conditions, engage in new code enforcement methods and progressive municipal prosecutions are important ways for communities to stave off blight.

This program is designed to assist municipal officials, business people and private citizens understand the options available to local governments in the fight against blight. Some particular tools will be examined:

  • Property Inventory SystemsHow can municipalities assure they have the most accurate property information to assure fair and equal ordinance enforcement and fee/tax collection as well as red flag vacant property?
  • Property Maintenance CodesWhat are property maintenance codes and how can communities judiciously use them to improve the built environment while avoiding onerous regulation?
  • Property/Rental Registration—what kinds of rental property databases assure municipalities have complete information about who is responsible for property upkeep and taxes while not violating tenant rights and being defensible in court?
  • New enforcement tools—How do local governments can utilize private criminal complaints to initiate municipal prosecutions, track offenses with new court docket systems, and progressively escalate code enforcement with new tools such as the crime of Housing Code Avoidance and Act 90-2010 Extradition?

Instructors Include:
Irene McLaughlin, J.D.
Connie Rosenbayger, Administrator, East McKeesport Borough
John Nath, Professional Code Services
Robert Gradeck, PNCIS, University of Pittsburgh


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