May Learning Institute: Building Blocks of the Brain and Our Courses

Date: May 9-10, 2012

Location: Moulton Hall

Event Description: May offers a great time to do some reflection on the semester past and to put together an action plan for the future to create efficiency & effectiveness in your educational role. Join colleagues across KSU's departments and campuses to explore current scholarship in the science and art of teaching and learning and discover ways to literally change how students' brains work. This evidence-based approach builds a foundation for our individuality in creating deeper and more significant learning experiences for fall or even this summer. These five sessions are based on a survey of 500 faculty members and will have implications for those teaching in small, large, and/or distance learning courses.


For questions regarding this event, contact Jeffrey Pellegrino,, 330-672-1902

Special Accommodation Request: Kent State University is committed to making activities as accessible as possible to all persons. If you need accommodation, contact the Faculty Professional Development Center.



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