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- 1/13/2015
Implementing the New Indiana College and Career Readiness Math Standards; Grades K-2
This two-day series, developed by math consultants Bob Trammel and Jennifer Lee, is intended to help all educators implement the new Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards for Mathematics. The sessions will blend content standards and process standards in a holistic fashion. Participants may choose to attend the entire series or select specific days.
1/20/2015Applying the WIDA ELD Standards Framework in the ELA Classroom
The English Language Development Standards Framework is based on a student-centered, teacher-focused approach to engage English language learners (ELLs) in academic language development. This interactive workshop provides a foundation for participants who are using the Indiana CCR Standards in conjunction with the WIDA ELD Standards. They will engage in hands-on activities that explore academic language to enhance student language learning in the classroom.
1/20/2015Textbook Caravan: Social Studies K-12
Textbook selection committees will find Textbook Caravan 2014 a rich source of information as publishers display their materials and present informative sessions for K-12 Social Studies. Location: Radisson Star Plaza, Merrillville.
1/27/2015ParaPro Test 9AM to noon
This is the actual test, not a review class. Only the COMPUTER version of the test will be given, not the paper/pencil version. The non-refundable fee of $40 must be received before registration is complete.
- 1/29/2015
John Kuglin: Session Three: Building Interactive Content Modules
Six Day iEducator Program: Six Days That Will Make a Difference—Transforming Your Teaching Practices for Success in the 1 to 1 Flipped Classroom. This six-day series is divided into three two-day sessions developed by consultant John Kuglin, is intended to help ALL educators find a balance among instruction, assessment, and the effective use of digital tools. The program is designed to promote higher order thinking, engaged students learning, and authentic assessment practices in the classroom. These elements are vital characteristics of 21st Century teaching and learning, and they are critical for making the transition into 1 to 1 learning environments.
February2/12/2015Indiana CCR ELA Standards and WIDA ELD Standards in Action: Differentiation
English language learners need instruction that is differentiated for their diverse proficiency levels. Participants will collaborate on how to customize instruction for ELLs utilizing WIDA tools while taking academic language into consideration. This workshop has been designed for K-12 teachers, language specialists, administrators, curriculum development specialists, and support staff who are familiar with WIDA Standards and Indiana CCR Standards.
March3/4/2015Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level
The popularity of the “Genius Hour” or 20% Time projects have made educators take a closer look at innovation. But does innovation just happen? Does providing “freedom” necessarily lead to innovation on its own? Should education leaders look at providing a separate class for innovation? In this session, you will brainstorm how to integrate “Genius Hour” into any grade level and curriculum.

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