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December12/3/2014Understanding and Administering the WIDA Model Test for Grade K
WIDA MODEL is a standards-based placement test to determine academic language proficiency for English Language Learners (ELLs). Participants will work collaboratively to strengthen their understanding of test administration, the underpinnings of the assessment, and the resources available after the workshop. Particular attention will be given to the speaking and writing assessment with practice items. This workshop has been designed for anyone who will be involved with test administration or preparing students to take the Kindergarten level test in January.
8:00 AM - 12/4/2014
RISE Intensive Training for Primary and Secondary Evaluators
This intensive session will support any person who will be serving as a primary or secondary evaluator and who will utilize the RISE or modified RISE evaluation tool. Day 1: Overview, Student Learning Objectives, Steps 1-5 & Teacher Observations, Part 1 Day 2: Teacher Observations-Part 2, Conferencing, Feedback to Teachers and Summative Scoring
12/4/2014High School Principals' Roundtable Meeting
Come and discuss topics that impact students across NWI. Lunch provided
12/4/2014NWIESC Library and Media Fair
The Library and Media Fair is a special time of networking with other school media personnel. It presents the opportunity to meet and discuss new and existing programs with representatives from Follett, InfoBase Learning, Encyclopedia Britannica, EBSCO, Indiana State Library, Lake County Public Library.
January1/20/2015Textbook Caravan: Social Studies K-12
Textbook selection committees will find Textbook Caravan 2014 a rich source of information as publishers display their materials and present informative sessions for K-12 Social Studies. Location: Radisson Star Plaza, Merrillville.
- 1/29/2015
John Kuglin: Session Three: Building Interactive Content Modules
Six Day iEducator Program: Six Days That Will Make a Difference—Transforming Your Teaching Practices for Success in the 1 to 1 Flipped Classroom. This six-day series is divided into three two-day sessions developed by consultant John Kuglin, is intended to help ALL educators find a balance among instruction, assessment, and the effective use of digital tools. The program is designed to promote higher order thinking, engaged students learning, and authentic assessment practices in the classroom. These elements are vital characteristics of 21st Century teaching and learning, and they are critical for making the transition into 1 to 1 learning environments.

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