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Spaces Remaining: 9999
Share your love for the mission of the North Carolina Botanical Garden with a gift certificate in the amount of your choosing. Gift certificates never expire and can be used toward registration in any of our hundreds of programs, or even toward enrollment in one of our certificate programs!

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Native Plant Studies Networking Session
Spaces Remaining: 195
Nancy Easterling, NCBG Director of Education; Steph Jeffries, Forest Ecologist; David McCloy and Jim Schmidt, NPS Graduates Join current, past and interested students for an informal networking session led by the NPS Advisory Committee student representatives. This will be an opportunity to have dialog with students and student advisors and support the certificate experience and ultimate graduation. This session is a prerequisite for the Independent Study Design Short Course. Free, but pre-registration required

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Darwin Day Presentation with Dr. Rob Dunn, 'The Wild Life of Our Bodies'
Spaces Remaining: 179
Celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin (and Abraham Lincoln!) with a presentation by Dr. Rob Dunn on “The Wild Life of Our Bodies.” Dr. Dunn, biology faculty at NC State University, studies the not particularly well known species that occur in our backyards, bedrooms, and in or on our friends, family, and ourselves. Charles Darwin would have been delighted at how many of these species co-evolved with humans and their importance to our overall wellbeing! This event is free and includes a reception, but advance registration is requested.

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Bearing Witness to the Miracle of Monarch Migration
Spaces Remaining: 193
There are few undertakings on earth that amaze and inspire us more than the epic annual migration of the Monarch Butterfly across eastern America. As they begin their journey northward this February, peer into the life cycle of this species including their autumn journey, one that is fraught with peril but buoyed by optimism, and join millions of them at their winter destination in Mexico. $15 ($10 Members)

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Climate Change in the Forest: Effects of Urban and Global Warming on Trees and Pests
Spaces Remaining: 193
Trees are essential to our wild and urban landscapes. They purify the air, cool the environment, provide wildlife habitat, and benefit human health. City trees, however, face serious stresses, including the urban heat island effect. Cities are warmer than the surrounding landscape, and research shows that urban hot spots favor insect pests. This talk will examine how urban warming helps pests and harms trees, and asks whether global warming will cause similar issues in rural forests. Free, but pre-registration required


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