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9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Cultivating a Backyard Medicine Garden
Planting a medicinal garden is one of the most effective ways to beautify and enhance your landscape while improving health. Plant herbs outside your door to use in making a tea or adding to your spring salads. From immune system boosters to seasonal allergy remedies, there is an amazing world of plants that can reduce common ailments and boost your overall energy—come learn about it with us! Join Bountiful Backyards and Vital Bloom Botanicals as we explore the Top Ten Easy-to-Grow medicinal plants for shade and sun and answer your questions. Participants will take home potted plants for their own gardens. Fee: $35 ($30 ncbg members)
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Nature Play at Home: A Landscape Designed for Children
Join Natural Learning Initiative staff members Jesse Turner and Julie Murphy as they share “Nature Play at Home: A Guide for Boosting Children’s Healthy Development and Creativity.” Jesse and Julie will illustrate simple do-it-yourself projects that can keep kids busy from dawn to dusk, outside! “Nature Play at Home” is a publication created by the Natural Learning Initiative for the National Wildlife Federation in an effort to combat what Richard Louv (author of Last Child in the Woods) aptly describes as “Nature Deficit Disorder.” We will explore many ideas, including fort building, sensory gardens, balancing logs, fairy villages, grass mazes, mud play, and more. Jesse and Julie will show a brief presentation, hand out copies of “Nature Play at Home,” and work with participants to help figure out how everyone can add some “Vitamin G” (g = green) for young people at home. Fee includes take-home materials: $30 ($25 ncbg members)
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Home Landscape
This workshop addresses the typical challenges of homeowners in this region. Participants learn how to approach a landscape design project, how to implement a plan with sustainable materials, and finally, you will be given a list of native plants of the region frequently used in home landscapes. Specific topics will include analyzing the property for wind and sun orientation, functional flow, and treating special features of your landscape. Concepts of sight line, public and private areas, and “rooms” will be discussed. Fee: $35 ($30 ncbg members)
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Botany of Gardening
What makes a seed wake up and germinate? How are flowers pollinated and how are fruit formed? This workshop delves into the science of gardening as we journey through a growing season. Discussion and hands-on activities will cover seeds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and the science behind gardening practices. This workshop is perfect for gardeners who want to have a better understanding of basic botany and aim to have a more prosperous gardening experience. Fee: $25 ($20 ncbg members)


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