Educator Spotlight Series ON DEMAND (Career Readiness through an Administrator’s Lens) (Course # 23CR0216)

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Course Description

Looking for inspiration to make your content fresh and exciting but don't know where to start? Tune in as local educators talk about what innovative things they're doing in their classroom or across their building to increase engagement and relevance through developing career mindsets. This series will focus on educators of all types and backgrounds – from elementary to high school, urban districts to rural, across all subjects and roles (classroom teachers, counselors and administrators). With the ongoing need for professional development, but with current limited flexibility or opportunity, these mini PD's will be kept to 30 min. “easy views”. Dates and times will vary.


Guest Host: Jon Gregory, FHPS Central Administration


Topic: Career Readiness through an Administrator's Lens



Please note: In order to receive SCECHs for this program, attendees MUST complete the online form shared out during the event upon its completion. Sign-ups through the PD Hub alone will NOT constitute record of attending.

This session will be available through May 20, 2023. As such, attendees viewing the on demand version will not receive SCECHs for individual events they participate in UNTIL the completion of the school year. At that point, PD Hub staff will submit all attendee information at once to the state for SCECHs.

For school counselors:
Unless otherwise noted, all Educator Spotlight Series events will be submitted to the state as credit for Career SCECHs.

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Questions? Contact Eric Kelliher at


Eric Kelliher

Eric Kelliher, Career Readiness Consultant at Kent ISD, works with local educators to integrate career exploration, planning and thinking into instruction. From helping teachers integrate soft skills into lesson plans, to speaking to classrooms and at conferences, to running programs like Teachers in Industry, Classroom to Careers and others, Eric seeks to make career thinking an integral part of the learning experience. His prior experience includes 6 years in the classroom teaching Language Arts and Physical Education, 4 years as a K-12 Technology trainer, 3 years in Higher Education, and several years in the corporate world, first in Banking, later as a Leadership Development trainer at Meijer’s corporate headquarters.

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*Also available as School Counselor - Career Exploration SCECHs: 0.5