Journey to PROTECT Series (Human Trafficking 101, 102, 103) (On Demand Modules) (Course # 22KCTC0415)

Dates: 4/15/2022 - 4/1/2023

*Course must be completed by 11:59 PM EST on 4/1/2023

Registration open through 3/30/2023 11:59 PM EST


473 seats currently available.




Webinar Description

This training provides participants with critical information about human trafficking and trauma, including the vulnerabilities and risk factors, so that you are equipped to use trauma-informed approaches when identifying and reporting suspected exploitation in Michigan.

Participants will navigate through a self-paced online module course that includes videos and knowledge check questions.

The total amount of time to complete all modules is 2.5 hours and includes the following components.

Human Trafficking 101 (.75 hours)

  • Video 1: Introduction to Human Trafficking
  • Video 2: Recognizing Labor and Sex Trafficking
  • Video 3: The Role of Technology in Exploitation

Human Trafficking 102 (.75 hours)

  • Video 4: Vulnerable Life Experiences
  • Video 5: Understanding Complex Trauma
  • Video 6: Using a Trauma-Informed Approach

Human Trafficking 103 (1 hour)

  • Video 7: Reporting Suspected Human Trafficking
  • Kent County Human Trafficking School Safety Protocol: Download and Review
  • Scenario Practice
    • 5 different scenarios with follow-up questions on the response based on the Human Trafficking School Safety Protocol.

After enrolling in the course you will receive an e-mail from the instructor with instructions on how to access the modules and complete the course.


Meghan Aupperlee

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Course Cost

There is no charge to attend this course.

Credit Information

Course: Hours - 2.5

SCECHs- 2.5
SWCECs- 2.5