CANCELLED Literacy Studio Institute Webinar Series with Ellin Oliver Keene (Course # 21CUR1011)

Dates: 10/11/2021, 10/25/2021, 11/1/2021

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM EST

Can't attend every date? No problem. Each session will be recorded and sent to those that are registered.


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Webinar Description

The Literacy Studio is an alternative workshop structure focused on true integration of reading and writing, speaking and listening. Students work in a studio environment focused on books and topics about which they feel passionate, they have a hand in setting their own learning goals, and choose when and how to read, write, and show their thinking. The Literacy Studio maximizes active learning time and student inquiry because reading and writing instruction is integrated; the literacy block often includes just one lesson focusing on reading and writing--teachers can offer far more engaging and powerful instruction in half the time, gaining much more time for conferences and small group instruction.

Most importantly, we know that reading and writing independently is the single most important factor in student growth (Allington, 2011) but in today's classrooms students spend way too much time as passive learners and far too little time reading and writing. The Literacy Studio addresses that problem head on.

Learning reading and writing together makes sense to kids. Students develop perspectives as readers and writers simultaneously leading to a dramatic increase in the quality of their thinking and engagement in both. This workshop will help teachers understand and implement the Literacy Studio model and, through sharing lesson samples, student work, and conversations with teachers who use the model show just how much more efficient and effective literacy learning is when students see themselves as writers who read and readers who write.


What are attendees saying?

'An inspiring opportunity to learn how to integrate reading and writing together in a meaningful way in the classroom. Ellin Keene's knowledge and enthusiasm will inspire you and leave you with the tools to support students to grow deeply as readers and writers. I went to my classroom the next day and jumped in with my first graders!'


'This workshop is a practical way to maximize your Language Arts block by combining reading and writing. Ellin is an engaging presenter who is very real and knows the challenges of being in the classroom. She is very open to answering any questions and coming up with practical solutions. I highly recommend this conference – you will not be disappointed!'


'Teachers at our school are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of curriculum to be taught. This institute helped me learn how to restructure a literacy block in a way that uses time efficiently by combining reading and writing instruction while also approaching literacy instruction in a way that is a more authentic representation of what adult readers and writers do.'



Ellin Oliver Keene

Ellin Oliver Keene has been a classroom teacher, staff developer, non-profit director, and adjunct professor of reading and writing. For sixteen year she directed staff development initiatives at the Denver-based Public Education & Business Coalition. She served as Deputy Director and Director of Literacy and Staff Development for the Cornerstone Project at the University of Pennsylvania for four years. Ellin works with schools and districts throughout the country and abroad with an emphasis on long-term school-based professional development and strategic planning for literacy learning. She serves as senior advisor at Heinemann, overseeing the Heinemann Fellows initiative, and is the editor of the Heinemann Professional Development Catalog-Journal. Ellin is the author of many books as well as numerous chapters for professional books and journals on teaching reading as well as education policy journals.

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Course Cost

Cost to Attend: $85.00


Can't attend every date? No problem. Each session will be recorded and sent to those that are registered.

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Course: Hours - 5.25

SCECHs- 5.25




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