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Visualizing Trees, A Photographic Journey Through the Artist’s Lens

with Barbara Tyroler, Photographer

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Dates and Times:


Saturday, May 1, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at Coker Arboretum (inclement weather date, Sunday, May 2, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.) - Garden tree-walk and outdoor photography


Saturday, May 8, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. via Zoom Meeting Critique



Fee: $52 ($47 Members)


This course is designed for nature-lovers, image-makers, and those interested in creative expression. All cameras are appropriate from iPhone to pro level.


Conceived distinctively for out-door nature photography, Barbara will lead a visualization journey into the gardens of the Coker Arboretum. The following week students will remotely share 20 of their favorite images for the final critique. Students will experiment with the technical aspects of photographing trees, including the use of specific lenses, perspective and distortion control, depth of focus, and exposure management. Students will explore the artistic characteristics of various tree species with attention to the design elements including tonality and contrast, textural attributes, compositional arrangement, ambient light and shadow values. During the critique session, these technical and artistic choices are addressed. Discussion may tend towards thematic concerns, symbolic representation, and the use of metaphor.



 This program is supported by the Orange County Arts Commission.





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About the Instructors

With an MFA in digital arts and an M.Ed. in education, Barbara utilizes her experience in both areas to provide imagery for her commercial and corporate clients as well as community advocacy organizations focusing on health and education. Her services include fine art prints, creative environmental portraiture, photography workshops, and speaking engagements. Barbara’s work explores how the lens inspires the journey, how the photographic image evokes and conveys meaning, creating and recreating stories and memories beyond the frame.


As an artist, I use photography to share ideas through the synthesis of light, imagination, and technology. As an educator, my goals are to teach not only the technical aspects of creating a solid body of work and preparing for exhibition, but also and most importantly, how to come to terms with precisely what the students hope to express and how to authentically share their ideas with the most impact.

Barbara's Upcoming Exhibitions


Upcoming Exhibition at the FRANK Gallery April 2021:


Seeing-Trees; Memory, Re-planting and Re-gifting


I have a lifelong love of creating portraiture for constructing memories, rendering the figure as art abstraction within the landscape of water for allegorical display or as formal document within its native context to be preserved inside the pages of the family album- yet always dynamic, interactive in its approach and design.


I see trees as portraits of memory, branches and limbs, embraced and protected by people, creating wind shadows as they lean against their trunks to remember. I see trees as portraits, embraced by the houses sheltered and protected beneath their branches where the families first planted them to remember.


For the tree series, I am deploying the human subject (and the subject of childhood) as conduit, leading me through the garden of trees. Through this journey, I have come to better see trees and to appreciate nature-lovers for stewarding the gifts they yield, replanting and sharing with neighbors and family creating memories and fashioning new stories.


It strikes me that preserving or crafting memories as garden-lovers must do, is exactly what my photography is about, planting, re-planting, gifting and re-gifting of imagery; historical ancestral archives, for sharing, creating, and preserving family memory.


Upcoming Installation at the Twin Lakes Community


Barbara is currently working on a 2-year commission to provide nature imagery for the new interior design renovation of the Boland Community Building and Fitness Center at the Twin Lakes Community in Burlington, NC. Working with a local design team, she will be producing large permanent panels that reflect her impressions of the surrounding landscape, specifically the community's Sullivan Botanical Park and the Community Garden, both resident-operated nature sites.


Upcoming Exhibition at The NC Botanical Garden:


Due to the Covid pandemic, Barbara's exhibition at the NCBG DeBerry Gallery has been postponed until 2022. This exhibition will include her nature imagery and tree portraits framed and designed with wood from local trees by an artist/woodcrafter. There will be a Lunchbox talk about her journey into the woods during the year of the pandemic and what she has learned about the natural world through this experience. During the reception, there will be a live performance with the Red Nucleus music duo in response to the tree imagery depicted. A tree-workshop journey will accompany the exhibition.




Barbara Tyroler

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