Going With the Flow: How Leaves and Flowers Avoid Damage In Storms
with Steve Vogle, James B. Duke Professor of Biology, Emeritus
Thursday, February 6, 2014
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Leaves and flowers look fragile - and they are. But their clever designs enable them to withstand remarkably strong forces, even ones that sometimes uproot trees. We're gradually figuring out evolution's underlying mechanical tricks, in particular, the virtues of being strong without being stiff.

Free event, but please register ahead of time.

Steven Vogel is James B. Duke Professor, Emeritus, in the Department of Biology at Duke University. He has taken an unusually broad view of what fits within his area, biomechanics, having looked at such things as the aerodynamics of small insects, the swimming of squid, flow in noses, shooting spores, and how leaves stay cool on hot, still days. At this stage he mainly writes books, both textbooks and ones for general readers, and designs demonstration material for teaching about biomechanical topics. His most recently book concerns the physical world of leaves (The Life of a Leaf); he's currently working on a history of human-powered rotational machinery.

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