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[CANCELLED] Field Trip: The Sandhills Gamelands

with Bruce Sorrie, Botanist

The registration period has closed for this event.

Date: Sunday, September 23

Time: 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (does not include transportation)

Fee: $25 ($22 Members)


Ever wanted to see a pitcher plant in the wild? Now’s your chance! Come explore one of the finest examples of a longleaf pine ecosystem in North Carolina, home to rare and fascinating plant communities, with expert botanist Bruce Sorrie. We’ll discuss the role of fire (natural and managed) in maintaining the various plant communities in this 60,000 acre public reserve and how the species on the reserve have adapted to the ecosystem’s nutrient-poor soils and frequent disturbance.





Transportation to the Sandhills is not included in the timing or in the trip fee. The field trip begins at 10:30 a.m. and ends between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. in Hoffman, NC (just outside the Sandhills Game Land). Participants must get themselves to Hoffman (about 80 miles or 1.5 hours south of Chapel Hill or Raleigh). Click here for directions to the meeting spot.


The Game Land roads are sand; we’ll avoid the soft spots, but it’s best if you drive a high-clearance car (like an SUV or crossover – Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV, etc) because roads may have high centers. If you have a low-clearance car, we recommend carpooling with someone with a higher clearance car.


What to bring: 

Bring a bag lunch and water. The BP station in Hoffman (where we'll meet) also has drinks and snacks available for purchase.


What to wear:

Wear comfortable clothes and footwear; a hat is useful as there is not a lot of shade. We won’t be walking through water, but your shoes may get wet from dewy grasses.



Remaining Seats: 15

Registration open through 9/18/2018 11:59 PM EST

About the Instructor

Bruce Sorrie is a botanist, an associate at the UNC Herbarium, and the author of A Field Guide to the Wildflowers of the Sandhills Region: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. He worked as a botanist at the Natural Heritage Program in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to North Carolina in 1991, where he worked for the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program studying Coastal Plain phytogeography from Virginia to Texas, primarily within the longleaf pine ecosystem. He retired from the NC Natural Heritage Program in 2014 after completing inventories of Tyrrell and Dare Counties. Sorrie has collected more than 5,000 plant specimens for the UNC Herbarium. In 2011, Hexastylis sorriei (Sandhills heartleaf) was named in his honor by L.L. Gaddy.

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Sandhills Game Land

2183 Caddell Rd
Hoffman, NC 28347

Click here for directions