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with Jessica Yee, Calligrapher and Engraver


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Dates: Sundays October 13 and 20 

Times: 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Fee: $72 ($65 Members)

Location: 100 Old Mason Farm Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27517



Calligraphy means beautiful writing. Calligraphers use a number of different families of letter forms, or “hands.” One of these hands – copperplate – is traditionally used in botanical illustration to identify the subject of the illustration.

This two-session course introduces the basics of copperplate. Students learn how to make letterforms using the correct stroke sequence for lower and upper case letters with dip-pen in ink and watercolor paint. Proficiency will require practice beyond the scope of this course.

No prerequisite. $72 ($65 Members)




Remaining Seats: 5

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About the Instructor:

Jessica Yee spends her days writing, but she is not a writer. The locally renowned calligrapher puts pen to paper masterfully spelling out names and addresses; honing her technique; and experimenting with new letter art. Jessica began studying the lettering arts thirty years ago, learning from some of the premier calligraphers and letter artists of the world.

The founder of the Oblique Pen finds beauty in letters and how they are created. Jessica loves the elegant smooth and fluid scripts that a pointed pen creates. Moreover, she enjoys meeting and working with clients, sharing in their poignant moments while bringing art to life.

When the married mother of four is not busy creating an artistic expression of a wonderful occasion, Jessica is heavily involved in serving the arts locally.

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100 Old Mason Farm Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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