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Virtual LUNCHBOX Talk: Skippers in the Dunes: Habitat conservation to support an endemic butterfly

with Carol Price, Conservation Biologist, North Carolina Aquariums

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Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021

Time: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST

Location: Zoom webinar

Fee: Free, $5 suggested fee


The North Carolina coast has its own species of butterfly – the Crystal skipper. This small brown butterfly can be found around sand dunes along the Crystal Coast from April to May, and again from July to August. The skipper is endemic to just a 50 kilometer stretch from Bear Island to Fort Macon State Park, and its total range is less than 3,300 ha. Unfortunately, the skipper is experiencing habitat fragmentation due to urban development, as much of its range overlaps with human activities, buildings and homes. My students and I work with an interdisciplinary research team to conduct butterfly counts, vegetation surveys and habitat restoration projects to help support the Crystal skipper population. Join us to learn more about this unique butterfly and the team of conservationist that are working to keep it going strong.



Crystal skipper at Fort Macon State Park


Registration open through 1/28/2021 12:10 PM

About the Speaker

As the conservation biologist for the North Carolina Aquariums I develop, conduct and oversee research and field work that aim to protect species and habitats of high conservation need. My work reflects the commitment of North Carolina’s three amazing aquariums and our educational pier to promote appreciation and conservation of the diverse natural resources of our state’s ocean, estuaries, rivers, streams and other aquatic environments.
I am also an instructor for the NC State University Semester at CMAST program, teaching Marine Conservation Biology every Spring. Throughout the year, I provide opportunities for students to delve into independent research programs related to these Aquarium research priorities. Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina instilled a strong connection to the ocean, leading to my life-long dedication to protect coastal biodiversity. I am especially interested in understanding the linkages and networks that shape and support healthy ecosystems.
When I’m not working to protect the planet, my super powers include being a soccer mom, training my dog to locate my tortoise, knitting, gardening, learning new songs on my guitar or guitar, and playing board games for grown-ups.


PhD. 2002. Fisheries Science. Oregon State University
M.S. 1994. Aquaculture. Fisheries and Wildlife. Clemson University
B.S. 1990. Marine Science. University of South Carolina


This Virtual LUNCHBOX Talk will be offered via Zoom Webinar. Information for accessing the event will be distributed the week of the talk.

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Carol Price