Drake University Education Leadership Symposium
'Transforming Systems through Standards-Based Learning'

Event: Drake University Education Leadership Symposium: Standards Based Grading: Transforming Systems through Standards-Based 

Event Contact: Bridget Arrasmith (515) 271-2054 or bridget.arrasmith@drake.edu

 Thursday, June 22, 2017

Location: Iowa Events Center: The day starts in the main ballroom (upper floor of the Events Center).

Cost: $199 (no refunds will be given).

Registration Deadline: June 15, 2017

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Description: Welcome to our 'Transforming Systems through Standards-Based Learning' summer conference!  Our conference is
sponsored by Des Moines Public Schools and Drake University.  DMPS has a story to tell in its courageous adventures into district-wide 
standards-referenced grading (SRG) learning and practices, within a large urban district.  Drake University is their perfect partner, 
since for many summers, Drake has been sponsoring terrific workshops allowing hundreds of educators to come together to learn from 
renowned speakers operating in a workshop setting.

This conference has an emphasis on secondary education, although there will be some elementary application.  The breakouts are
facilitated largely by DMPS teachers and leaders, as they lead learning over how the Des Moines schools have implemented 
standards-referenced learning, including grading and reporting, over a large district.  However, there are also breakouts with specific
 learning for administrators, others facilitated by small schools in Iowa, some on how to get student information systems (SIS) to cooperate 
with standards-based learning, and everything in between.  We invite you to listen to our stories, tell your own, shape new ideas and 
possibilities, and come away with plans to better study and implement standards-based learning in your own school and district, particularly 
at the secondary level.  

We open at 8:30 with a keynote from Noelle Tichy, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning for the Des Moines Public Schools.  
Participants will go on to two breakouts of their own choosing; then lunch on site at 12:00, followed by three DMPS 
Teacher Highlights; then two more breakouts before we end the day at 3:45.

Keynote Address

“A Systems Approach to Standards-Based Teaching & Learning” - Noelle Tichy, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning for Des Moines Public Schools

Session Topics Presented by Des Moines Public Schools and Others

A High School Journey to SBG

 Growth Mindset and Grading Practices 

 J-Curve Learning: How Do We Think Philosophically about Learning, Scores, & Zeroes 

 How Standards Become Scales (this is a double session and ends at 11:45) 

 Successful Implementation of SBG in a Small High School 

 Managing Multiple Opportunities: Moving Past Retakes

But Does SBG Make a Difference? 

 How Do We Make our Student Information System Work with SBG? 

 'Making the Grade': Behavior vs. Academics  

 Our Standards-Based Learning Journey, from Pilot to Full Implementation  

 Utilizing Scales: How to Track and Monitor Student Learning 

Examining Standards-Based Grading through the System of Profound Knowledge 

 SBG Gradebook in Infinite Campus 

 Considerations for Exceptional Learners 

 How Standards Become Scales (this is a double session and ends at 3:45) 

 Standards-Based Practices Can Be the Beginning 

 Communicating Change and the School-to-Home Connection 

Standards-Based PLCs 

 Now What? Toolkit for Leading Change 

 Unpacking the Standards: Destination Gifted 

 All Hands-On Deck: A Small Schools Team Approach 

 Tracking Progress and Providing Feedback: How Student-Centered Tracking Can Transform Your Classroom 


Drake University School ol of Education
3206 University Avenue • Des Moines, IA 50311
(515) 271-2054




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