Women’s Health Education Center

Virtual Maternity Tour

Take a (virtual) tour of N.C. Women

Virtual live Tours of labor and delivery are provided free of charge and pre-registration is required. Tours last between 45-60 minutes and should be completed during your third trimester.


Tours are given by volunteers and staff who have been specially trained to orientate families and provide accurate guidance about what to do when coming to NC Women's Hospital in labor. It will include  the  Ready-Set-Baby education that explain our practices as a Baby Friendly designated Hospital to better prepare you for your delivery day. 

These maternity tours are designed for mom and one partner or support person. Please be aware that  this is a Virtual live Maternity tour. We are not currently offering in-person tours due to COVID 19 safety precautions. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Free!  But seats are limited. If not able to attend, please be kind and send us an email at stork@unchealth.unc.edu to cancel prior to the tour so another expecting mom may register. We will gladly help you find another tour or you may register yourself in another one after you cancel.

Please, register only ONCE for a tour so that others may have the opportunity to participate. Thank you!

Location: Online


Please be aware that the emails you will receive from our registration system will be from: nchealthywoman@learning-stream.comCheck all spam and junk folders! 


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