Introduction to Sex Addiction- Pre-Recording

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By taking this course, you will receive 3 CEUS for its completion.  By enrolling you have agreed to reviewing all course materials and completion of a program evaluation in order to receive credit. You are responsible for reviewing the webinar, supplemental videos, and completing the quiz after you have reviewed all materials. 



The introduction to sex addiction portion of the training will consist of: definition for sex addiction, neuroscience of sex addiction, causes of sex addiction, addictive system explanation, treatment implications, and a brief overview of sexual health/sobriety. The information will be presented with the use of PowerPoint presentation slides as a vehicle for the data, flipcharts and markers to demonstrate addictive system and treatment techniques, hard copy handouts of critical data/concepts, and brief small-group experiential exercises to increase kinesthetic understanding of concepts.

Learning Objectives

· - Understand the relevant screens and diagnostic criteria for sex addiction

· -Understand general client presentations for sex addiction

· -Understand common client presentations and relevant differential diagnoses

· -Understand the fundamentals of sexual health and sexual sobriety

· -Understand the utility and application of interventions relevant to sex addiction

· -Have the ability to articulate and assess the difference between sexual offending and sex addiction


Mike Eiden, LCSW, LCADC, CSAT-Candidate

Mike Eiden is a social worker, drug/alcohol counselor, and certified sex addiction therapist who completed his undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work. Mike has worked in addiction and mental health treatment for the last 8 years in both inpatient and outpatient settings. During his graduate studies Mike focused his research on the relationship between childhood trauma and addictions; specifically concerning the use of experiential modalities in addiction and trauma treatment.

Mike specializes in experiential therapies, EMDR, psychodrama, and the task-model of treating sex addiction. Mike currently works full-time in his private practice focusing on cases involving complex trauma, chemical addiction, sex addiction and sexual health, and betrayal trauma. He is currently providing individual and couples therapy, group workshops, psycho-education, and professional trainings with topics relating to sex addiction, traumatic bonding, enmeshment, and trauma treatment.


Continuing Education

CEU : Hours - 3











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