TRANs: Established Tool for Extraordinary Times, June 11, 2020


A tax and revenue anticipation note (TRAN) is a short-term financing tool that may be a critical component of a cash flow solution. Local agencies are experiencing severe revenue disruption and unplanned COVID-19 related expenses. State and local government policies intended to soften the pandemic-induced financial shock on businesses and individuals have delayed the collection of taxes and fees and have relaxed the pursuit of delinquencies. This combination has created extraordinary revenue and expenditures patterns and cash flow problems not seen since the Great Recession. Join us in this webinar to gain a fundamental understanding of what TRANs are, how the securities are used, and how an agency prepares to access the market – individually or as part of a pool. Speakers will discuss the factors an agency should consider when analyzing whether this tool fits in their comprehensive financial strategy.


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