2020 Bond Buyer Pre-conference | Market Expectation for Climate Change Disclosure


The municipal market has the expectation that issuers will give investors the information they need to make prudent investment decisions. Recent events and market volatility have accelerated the demand for issuer disclosure on how external impacts, such as climate change, can translate to investment risk as well as how issuers are mitigating these risks. Issuers are faced with reconciling how to account for and incorporate these risks in their financial disclosures. This dilemma is exacerbated by the unprecedented and dynamic nature of this topic, as it makes it difficult to discern what information is accurate, relevant, and “material” for the investor. Join us in this two-part series where we will discuss investor expectations for climate change disclosure and how issuers are contending with these expectations.

This discussion will explore the market’s perspective of how climate is shaping credit quality, how investors are analyzing investment risks related to climate change, how an issuer should address climate change in their disclosures, and how market expectations have evolved over time.

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