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Learning should be available when you need it - with Learning On Request, and the NEW Learning on Demand videos, you get to pick the time and the place that learning works for you. Watch the videos that you need now, or watch them all on your way to becoming a vacationing pro.

Learning on Demand *new*

Learning on Demand videos are our newest series of educational videos. Available 24/7 for your convenience! No registration needed, just click and enjoy these 3-5 minutes videos.


Benefits with Interval International (new!)

Description: This video takes you on a short tour of where and how you deposit points into your Interval International account to be used for future reservations.


Exchanging with Interval International (new!)

Description: This video walks your through the additional benefits available to you with your Interval International deposits.

Learning on Request

Learning On Request videos are available 24/7 to help you learn more about your Shell Vacations Club membership. All you need is internet access and 5-10 minutes of free time to get on the road to vacationing like a pro.

The below topics are available for you to view by choosing the video that interests you and clicking the title link. You will be asked to enter your First Name, Last Name and Email to view the content. After the video ends you will have the chance to provide feedback on the topic and recommendations for what you would like to learn about in the future.

Click the topic you would like to explore below.

Point & Play: How to Book Vacations Online
Description: This video will show you how to book exciting vacations online using Point & Play. You'll also be provided additional tips on how to get the best availability using the website when planning your vacation in advance.

What to Do with Expiring Points
This video will give you some ideas on what you can do with your points if they are about to expire for the year.

Understanding Your Fees
This video briefly discusses the different fees associated with you Shell Vacations Club ownership

SVC LifeStyles
Description: This video will briefly discuss the benefits of the new SVC LifeStyles program and introduce you to how it can make your next vacation even better!.

Signature Benefits (Part 2)
Description: This video briefly discusses the benefits of Signature program and then introduce you to the new Online Upgrade benefit and how to use it.

Borrowing Points
Description: This video will take you on a short tour of how to borrow points to make your vacation dreams come true.

SVC Collections
Description: This video will introduce you to the SVC Collections program, what resorts are included, and the benefits it provides to enhance your vacation experiences.

Signature Benefits (Part 1)
Description: This video will introduce you to the Signature program, what benefits you can get from it, how to get into the program and who is grandfathered into the program.

Banking Points
Description: If you can't use all your points, learn how to bank them for future use. This short video will teach you when and how to bank your Shell Vacations Club points to ensure you don't let them go to waste

Navigating the Website
Description: This video shows you how to navigate through shellvacationsclub.com, search for resorts and leverage other club benefits online.

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