Bless the School 2019

Wednesday, June 12, 2019- Friday, June 21, 2019
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The African-Centered Prep Academy provides a unique college preparatory curriculum that is consistent with KCPS, but strives to exceed its mandates due to the school's higher level of expectation and challenge. AC Prep stays in-tune with the distinctive foundation of cultural awareness that is important to the success of students in urban areas.


AC Prep focuses on college readiness as well as teaching the rich history of African and African-American people and culture to give students the opportunity to drive their own success. Research shows that when students know their heritage, they are more likely to take pride in their performance and demonstrate improved behavior. The teaching of one's history develops a child's self-awareness and lends itself to a clearer understanding of what should be expected in the future.



Along with a rigorous college prep academic curriculum, AC Prep teaches principals of Ma'at and the Nguzo Saba focusing on self-esteem, empowerment, responsible citizenship, along with the classical views of traditional African society.



Bless the School will refresh the classrooms, grounds and common areas in preparation for the 2019-2020 school year as well as provide new soccer goals, playground equipment and fun playground stencils for the school. You can be a part of updating the facility to reflect the spirit and pride of faculty and students. Many hands will be needed to make Bless the School a success.



Volunteers are needed to serve in a variety of roles from painting, cleaning, organizing and hospitality to more heavy physical roles including playground installation and spreading mulch. Playground work team volunteers must be able to lift 50 pounds and be age 16 or older.

Youth Volunteer Policy

To assure proper supervision and safety for all participants, the following policy applies to all youth volunteers who sign up with the Volunteer Coordinator or via online registration.



Youth 16 and older may participate unaccompanied in the Bless the School Project if they have a combined Resurrection/KCMO School District Youth Release Form, and both are signed by the parent/guardian of the youth. Releases may not be signed by any other person.


AGES 12-15
• All youth between the ages of 12 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult, with combined release form specified above, completed and signed by their parent or guardian. If adult other than parent is bringing a youth volunteer, please have parent of youth complete release in advance.

• A ratio of 1 adult to every 3 youth volunteers must be maintained.

• Adult sponsors must provide direct oversight for the activities of their charges at all times.

• Youth must be transported to and from the site by their adult sponsors. They cannot be dropped off or wait for pick up at the site.

• Youth will not be allowed in areas with scaffolding and will not be allowed on ladders.


For safety reasons, no one under the age of 12 may participate in this project or be on the project site.




Over 1000 volunteers needed, sign up now!



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