Building Better Grandparents | Spring 2021


How quickly could you locate important personal information and documents if an emergency occurred? Do your loved ones know where to find your personal and financial records if something were to happen to you? Is it a challenge for you to find essential documents when needed because they are stored in different locations or you've forgotten where you put them?

This 3 session class is designed for all ages so that you can take important steps to getting your personal information organized. You'll receive a Binder for Life and we'll help you with a plan to compile all your critical information and documents in one place. We'll help you determine what you need and why you need it. Each class will cover key areas and you'll start building your Binder For Life so you and your loved ones are prepared for unexpected events, medical emergencies and end-of-life matters. Feel free to invite your non-Resurrection friend or family member.

$15 Registration Fee for 3 Sessions paid when you register.


Registration open through Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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