Technology: 6 Tools You Can Use

Friday, April 12, 2019
9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Discovery Building 1, Room 259
915 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29208


Join us in this hands-on session to explore teaching tools embedded within Blackboard and Office365, and how you can use these collaboratively in your online or face-to-face class and in your research.

6 Tools we will Explore: Blackboard Collaborate, VoiceThread, Office 365 Online Word, Sway, OneNote and Office 365 Forms.

This workshop is designed as an interactive workshop. Please bring your laptop.



Lydia Frass
Senior Instructional Designer
Center for Teaching Excellence


Lydia Frass is a senior instructional designer at the Center for Teaching Excellence. She works with faculty in online course design and conducts quality assurance reviews. In addition, she facilitates our Instructional Designer’s Community of Practice. Lydia earned her Ph.D. in Adult Education and Master of Public Health from The University of Southern Mississippi. Before joining CTE, she coordinated the South Carolina Public Health Training Center, which provides professional development opportunities for current and future public health practitioners.