Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Chinese Students in Your Classroom

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
10:05 AM - 11:20 AM

Center for Teaching Excellence
Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511

This workshop will ONLY be presented in-person. The option to attend via web conference is NOT available for this workshop.


Have you noticed that the number of Chinese students has increased during the past three years at USC? With the growth of this new demographic at USC, have you wanted to learn more about how to effectively meet the needs of these students in the classroom?

Attendees will learn about how the experience of Chinese students in high school typically differs from that of American students and how that can affect students' expectations and success. They will also learn about the key linguistic challenges and cultural differences that can make instructor communication harder to understand and key ways to help Chinese students succeed. The session will conclude with a cross-departmental panel of experts on Chinese culture, along with ample time to share experiences and discuss how to meet the specific needs and challenges that have been encountered.

This workshop is an elective session for a certificate of completion in Fostering Proactive Learning Environments. In order to qualify for the certificate of completion, participants must attend four required courses and 2 electives.

Required sessions:

  1. Setting Classroom Expectations and Creating a Sense of of Belonging
  2. Promoting Academic Integrity and Responding to Student Disruptions
  3. Addressing Common Violations
  4. Dealing with the Unexpected: Classroom Disruptions

Elective Sessions Offered Spring 2019:

  1. Engage! Educate! Entertain! Methods for Successful Online Teaching
  2. 10 Tips for Effectively Teaching International Students
  3. Classroom to Career: Fostering Student Career Readiness
  4. You're Not Paranoid. They are Watching: Privacy and Security in the Classroom and Beyond
  5. Classroom Ethics
  6. Stuttering in the Classroom: Considerations for Students and Faculty
  7. Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Chinese Students in Your Classroom
  8. Developing a Course Syllabus with Backward Design



Angi Wang
Senior Student Services Advisor 
International Accelerator Program

Angi Wang is a Senior Student Services Advisor in the International Accelerator Program and works daily with Chinese students to support their success in and out of the classroom. She has worked in the field of International Education for 16 years as an instructor and advisor.

Ray Knight
Assistant Academic Director of Undergraduate Studies
International Accelerator Program

Ray Knight has worked in the field of international education for 14 years in a range of administrative and teaching roles. As Assistant Academic Director of Undergraduate Studies within the International Accelerator Program, he manages academic advising and early intervention for international students during their first year at USC, taking into account their linguistic and cultural needs and differences.