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Carolina Intercultural Training/Intercultural Awareness

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Center for Teaching Excellence
Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511


The purpose of the Carolina Intercultural Training is to create a space for faculty and staff to explore strategies for increasing intercultural competence and further understand cross-cultural communication styles. The two-hour workshop is highly interactive and includes information to help navigate common miscommunications between cultures both in the office and classroom setting.

Topics to address:
• Statistics and International Student Trends at USC and beyond
• What is International Student Services?
• Cultural Dimensions and Differences
• Cross-Cultural Case Studies and Discussion
• How does this relate to my position?

Those who complete this program will receive a certificate and an “International Friendly Zone” card. The goal of this workshop is for all attendees to become better equipped to promote an inclusive environment on campus for the more than 1,800 international Gamecocks at USC.

Who Should Attend: All USC Columbia faculty and staff



Julie Medlin
Internationalization Programming Coordinator, International Student Services

Julie Medlin is a programming coordinator, with a Masters of Arts in Linguistics from USC. She joined the International Student Services (ISS) team in 2014. Her roles at ISS include teaching Carolina Intercultural Training, managing the Thinking Globally Ambassador program and coordinating International Education Week (every 3rd week of November) for USC.  In her 8 years of working in international education, Julie has been an immigration advisor, taught ESL, coordinated grants projects for international visitors and assisted with international student services. She has visited more than 17 countries, including India, Puerto Rico, Ethiopia, Oman and Italy. On a trip to Oman in 2012, Julie began studying Arabic and Arab culture.



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