Using 360° Videos to Increase Engagement with Course Content

Thursday, June 27, 2019
1:15 PM - 2:30 PM


Center for Teaching Excellence
Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511


The presentation will address the educational applications of 360° videos and how they can be an effective tool to increase engagement, which several studies have shown is considered an important predictor of student achievement. The presenters will begin by describing how they are working to assist interested faculty to select, create, and edit 360° video for appropriate courses. They will also provide examples of ways in which to implement 360° videos into courses to increase learner engagement with course content as well as share existing 360° video resources.

One of the presenters will also explain how she is using 360° videos in her course, Principles of Retailing, including how she selected and created the 360° video content focusing on visual merchandising and store design and layout. The presentation will end with a demonstration of a 360° video. Participants will leave the presentation with a better understanding of how to use 360° videos in their courses, a list of resources for existing 360° videos appropriate for use in higher education courses, and the presenters’ contact information should they need assistance with creating and editing 360° videos for their courses.



Trena Houp
Associate Director
Office of Distributed Learning 

Trena Houp serves as the Associate Director for the Office of Distributed Learning at the University of South Carolina and works collaboratively with and provides support to faculty and academic units to further the growth of distributed learning courses and programs. Prior to joining USC, she served as a Program Manager in Academic Affairs at the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education where she worked primarily with matters of academic policy and program review.

Karen Edwards
Senior Instructor
Department of Retailing

Karen Edwards is a senior instructor in the Department of Retailing at the University of South Carolina. A recipient of the University’s Faculty Integrity Award and the Harry E. Varney Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, Edwards teaches in the areas of business law and law-related issues affecting retailers. Edwards developed the graduate-level courses Law for Retailers and Fashion and the Law, Loss Prevention for Retailers, an undergraduate course for retailing majors, and numerous faculty development workshops including the short course, Active Learning in Large Courses. Edwards developed and led numerous study abroad programs for retailing students, and was awarded the Brian J. and Linda L. Mahalik Global Scholar Award in 2016. She is a frequent presenter and past associate director at USC's Center for Teaching Excellence.

Robert Grookett
Marketing, Media and Technology Manager
Office of Distributed Learning

Rob Grookett is the Marketing, Media, and Technology Manager for the Office of Distributed Learning. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina in Media Arts. Grookett joined the Office of Distributed Learning after spending 8 years with Media Services (DoIT).