LEAD: Interviewing and Selecting Employees - Live Webinar

Thursday, April 13, 2023
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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The most important step in creating an effective university workforce is finding the right employees. Poor interviewing and selection processes lead to many unnecessary, future management and performance problems. Most of these problems could be avoided if hiring managers used approaches that were recognized as “best practices.” This course will address the following topics:

• Reviewing applications and resumes to ensure that applicants are qualified for the position and have the desired competencies for the job.

• Developing effective interview questions that are relevant to the job and elicit specific responses which can be used to evaluate the qualifications, knowledge and skills of the applicant.

• Enhancing interviewing skills by using behavioral, situational, self-reflection, and motivational interviewing questions.

• Identifying the best approach for checking applicant references.

• Creating awareness of the various types of bias that can enter the interviewing and selection process and learning how to avoid them.

Who Should Participate?

Prerequisite Required.This course is required for University supervisors of staff, per HR Policy 1.51. Non-Supervisors will automatically be removed from the course.


Atiya Bailey is the Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant in the Division of Human Resources at the University of South Carolina



Alexandria Flippins is the Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant in the Division of Human Resources at the University of South Carolina

Registration Instructions


There is no charge to participate in this course. Employees should cancel their registration if they are unable to participate. Participants leaving early, during LEAD courses, will not receive credit for participating. If there is an emergency, please notify the instructors.



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