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Academic Classroom Culture in the U.S.: Roundtable Discussion with Experienced International Teaching Assistants

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

3:55 PM - 5:10 PM

Center for Teaching Excellence
Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511


Are USC undergraduate student attitudes, priorities and behaviors different from what you are accustomed? International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) must learn to interpret and handle our students' actions appropriately, but seldom have the opportunity for this learning before stepping into the classroom. This workshop and panel discussion is designed to provide graduate students with the chance to discuss some of the difficulties they might have encountered in American academic culture.

This is not a lecture – each workshop participant will identify peculiar aspects of American academic life that s/he has encountered, discuss similarities and differences in ideas, beliefs, or expectations with other participants, and develop a deeper understanding of the role culture plays in academic behavior. Discussions will be facilitated by a panel of experienced and successful ITAs and faculty members.



Michelle Hardee
TA Training Program Manager, Center for Teaching Excellence

Michelle L. Hardee is the program manager for graduate student TA programs in the Center for Teaching Excellence. She received her Ph.D. in marine science from USC. Throughout her career, Michelle has been actively involved in marine science education and teacher training. She taught throughout her graduate program, as an instructor at Coastal Carolina University and as an adjunct professor of geology at the College of Charleston, and is currently an instructor in the Marine Science Program at USC.

Terry Goodfellow
Instructor and Community Outreach Coordinator
English Programs for Internationals

Terry Goodfellow is an Instructor and Community Outreach Coordinator with English Programs for Internationals (EPI).  She has been formally teaching English for almost 20 years, primarily with college-level students.  As a specialist in teaching advanced proficiency levels at EPI, she currently teaches advanced speaking and listening courses, cross-cultural communication, and English for Specific Purposes.  She has lived in several different countries, including Holland, Switzerland, France, and Italy.  She pioneered, administered, and taught in a residential English language institute at the University of the Nations campus in England.  She currently teaches advanced speaking and listening, reading, and vocabulary at EPI. 



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