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VoiceThread: Humanizing the Online Classroom

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

1:10 PM - 2:00 PM

Center for Teaching Excellence
Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511


Today’s Generation Z students are constantly communicating through the use of video and audio. This interactive workshop will discuss the benefits of and demonstrate using VoiceThread (a free multimedia tool build into the Blackboard LMS).

Using VoiceThread, faculty members and learners can help create a better social presence in the online environment. Research has shown that if social presence increases, so does the learner’s overall course satisfaction. During the session, Drs. Ryan Rucker and Marianne Bickle will demonstrate how the implementation of VoiceThread technology that brings student interaction in a distributed learning course to a humanistic level between learners and between the learners and the instructor.

The teaching strategies used by the researchers mimics the face-to-face course outcomes used for decades when instructors enhance students (a) speaking, (b) writing and (c) responding to others. The breakthrough in this scenario is that learners are achieving these outcomes in a distributed learning course.



Marianne Bickle
Professor and Chair, Department of Retailing

Marianne Bickle, Ph.D., is a full professor and department chair of retailing at the University of South Carolina. She provides innovative retail assistance to communities, development organizations, agencies and businesses. Marianne advocates for the retailing industry by providing credible data and promoting the industry as a globally viable economic development strategy. She has published and presented nationally and internationally in excess of 190 research studies on retailing. She has written for, and authored two books — “The Changing American Consumer” (Worthington, OH: Prosper Business Development Corporation) and “Fashion Marketing Theory, Principles, Practices” (New York, NY: Fairchild Books).

Ryan Rucker
Instructor, Midlands Technical College
Adjunct Instructor, Department of Integrated Information Technology

Ryan Rucker is an instructor within the Department of Information Systems Technology at Midlands Technical College (and an adjunct instructor within ITEC at USC). He has been teaching face-to-face, hybrid and online computer networking/programming courses at various public and private universities and colleges since June 2011. In addition, he has worked for over eight years in the information and educational technology fields. Rucker is a certified Master Reviewer by Quality Matters® to review and assess the quality of online courses offered by higher education institutions.



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