Management Skills Sessions- Search Process

Friday, January 24, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Location: Maag Library - Room 406A


Sessions are designed for new and existing managers that supervise one or more employees. 



We want to Invite you to what we believe will be a valuable, fun, and rewarding learning journey as we all, working together, learn and hone our people skills and discuss how to be positive and effective Managers. Human Resources is offering a series of small group, interactive Management Skills Sessions of no more than 1 hour focused on the real-world issues and questions you deal with every day.


This session will be an overview of the Search Process to include information regarding interviewing and hiring of applicants. We'll discuss Why the search process; Interviewing and hiring; What to do if an interview/search process breaks down.


There are a limited number of seats per session so please reserve your seat today before they fill up. Bring your lunch, bring your coffee, and bring your experience and questions!


There will also be an opportunity to ask any question you may have at the end of each session. Please submit your question(s) using the registration form so we can prepare a thorough answer.


Jenn Drennen

Director of Organizational Development


Mark Weir

Director of Equal Opportunity and Policy Development

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Jenn Drennen

Director, Organizational Development


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