Radiology for Dental Auxiliaries May 6

Rod Daering, R.T.R. has 37 years of experience in Medical Radiology as a radiologic technologist. He has 17 years as a clinical instructor and education director of a school of Radiologic Technology and 10 years in Dental Radiology.

Sherry Ortiz, R.T.R. has 14 years of experience in Medical Radiology concentrating in special procedures. She is a clinical instructor for Dental Radiology and coordinator of digital imaging at Marquette University School of Dentistry.

Vicki Romans, R.T.R. has 37 years of experience in Medical Radiology as a radiologic technologist, special procedure and clinical instructor for x-ray and dental students. She has five years experience working in a private dental office environment and 10 years in Dental Radiology.

Course Description:

Radiology for Dental Auxiliaries is a two part CE course consisting of an online didactic portion and a hands-on section. Participants must complete the online training prior to attending the hands-on portion. The online will cover the following sections:

  • Radiographic techniques
  • Bisecting angle and paralleling techniques
  • Prevention and correction of radiographic errors
  • Processing errors
  • Radiation safety issues

At the end of each section an online assessment will be given to evaluate participant’s knowledge.

In the hands-on portion while working with a manikin, participants will practice making a full mouth radiograph series using digital sensors and phosphor plates*. The radiographic images will be evaluated for positioning techniques and errors.

*As the school is now completely digital, auxiliaries who use film will work with phosphor plates that look and feel like film. Phosphor plates require digital “processing” prior to visualization of the final image. Errors which may occur in traditional wet processing will be covered in the online didactic portion.

Date: 5/6/2014
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