Academic Achievement Through Differentiated Instruction

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

 NEREC/REC#4- NMHU Teacher Education Bldg.- Rm. 303

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Presenter: Lisa Burciaga Segura


*For Information About This Event, Contact

Lisa Burciaga Segura, Resource & Training Coordinator;; (505) 426-2261 



Registration open through 11/7/2018 10:00 AM



*For Registration Assistance

Lisa Burciaga Segura;; (505) 426- 2261



'Our task is to provide an education for the kinds of kids we have; not the kinds of kids we used to have, want to have; or the kids that exist in our dreams.' K.D. Gerlach

This full-day PD event will support attendees in their capacity to provide Differentiated Instruction that is imbedded in everything they do and say as facilitators of learning for ALL of the students they engage with. The foundations of differentiating CONTENT, PROCESS, PRODUCT, LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, and KNOWING THE LEARNER

will be addressed with participant feedback and input as it relates to their current and future DI practices.

Participants will be challenged with open-ended discussion points that relate to planning, knowing their students, choosing what to teach, how to teach it, how to assess student products, and the importance of providing an engaging, visually inviting and literate learning environment.

This session will also incorporate the input from experts in the field of DI through relevant video clips designed to highlight the topic and inspire participants to build upon their current practices toward academic and functional success for ALL students.

Who Should Attend?

NEREC/REC#4 Member:

*Directors of Instruction* *SE Directors/Coordinators* *Site Principals* *GE Teachers* *SE Teachers*


*If you require or would like to request any special accommodations to attend this event, please contact Lisa at 505-426-2261;

What To Bring
  • Your open mind;

  • Your willingness;

  • Your talents and gifts;

  • Your bravery as a life-long learner to embrace DI and all of the success that awaits...


NEREC/REC#4- NMHU Teacher Education Bldg.- Rm. 303
1031 11th St
Las Vegas, NM 87701

(505) 881-0000
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