Autism Imagine - Diagnosing Autism in Adulthood: Challenges Experienced on The Path to Self Discovery


3:00 PM -4:30 PM





This presentation will focus on the difficulties an adult may experience that could prompt an autism evaluation, how symptoms of autism appear differently in adults versus children, and the challenges experienced by adults seeking an autism diagnosis from personal (i.e., recognizing the difficulties experienced and the need for an evaluation, overcoming feelings that something could be “wrong” with them), practical (i.e., funding, finding a provider, providing an informant on their early developmental history), and clinical standpoints (i.e., complex differential diagnoses, limited and/or conflicting information about developmental history).  Suggestions for overcoming these challenges will be provided, including how integrating telehealth may improve clinical accuracy while also reducing stress on the client.  The positive impact of adults being diagnosed with autism as well as the many strengths of this population will also be highlighted.  



 Participants will learn:

  1. Why adults may seek an evaluation for autism and when an adult should be referred.
  2. How symptoms of autism appear different in adults versus children.
  3. The barriers adults face when attempting to obtain an autism diagnosis and how to overcome those barriers.
  4. The pros and cons of obtaining as well as disclosing an autism diagnosis.
  5. The strengths and positive impact of adults being diagnosed with autism.




Registration open through 4/21/2022 3:30 PM Mountain Time (US & Canada)



Autism Imagine - Diagnosing Autism in Adulthood: Challenges Experienced on The Path to Self Discovery



Dr. Erica Skepnek is a Licensed Psychologist and Director of Diagnostic Evaluation Services at Arizona Autism United (AZA United). Dr. Skepnek has been working in the field of autism and developmental disabilities for 15 years completing diagnostic evaluations for individuals of all ages as well as providing a variety of other services including counseling, social/vocational programming, program management and development, and training and supervision to professional staff. The last 8 years of her career have almost exclusively been spent building, managing, and refining diagnostic evaluation services for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. Dr. Skepnek firmly believes in actively collaborating with individuals, families, teachers, service providers, and funding sources to provide a comprehensive assessment experience that includes high-quality evaluations that are accepted by all funding sources while also providing the necessary emotional support and resources to individuals and their families post-assessment so they feel supported and empowered.



This event will be brought to you via Zoom. A link will be emailed to you at the time of registration.

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