Imagine Conference: I Learned the Strategies But...Will I Implement Them?
Thursday, August 20, 2020
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Registration open through 8/13/2020 9:59 AM Mountain Time (US & Canada)


I Learned the Strategies But...Will I Implement Them?

By: Dr. Roseli Chiovitti Cavalcante



In this presentation, attendees will learn a few effective, research-based strategies to decrease challenging behaviors in children with milder forms of autism. Research has shown (Durand, 2011) however, that parents and teachers of children with challenging behaviors may experience high

levels of stress and may frequently fail to implement the strategies they have learned due to thoughts of low self-efficacy and low child-efficacy. Based on this information, attendees of this workshop will learn about common thinking errors and practice cognitive strategies (Thought Record) to identify and challenge their own thinking, being more effective in dealing with children’s challenging behaviors.



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