PFE - Reaching New Heights Interactive Training: Positive Behavior Supports Part 2 :Supporting Adulthood in Service

Thursday, June 25, 2020 9:00 AM


Positive Behavior Supports Part 2 - Supporting Adulthood in Service

Presented by WISE


(Part 1: Intro to Positive Behavior in Individualized Community BasedServices  June 11, 2020)  

 There is a place for everyone in the community and everyone in service deserves positive and empowering providers who help them reach their goals. This two-part series provides the basics of positive behavior supports as they can be applied to a variety of community-based individualized disability services. For this first session, we will cover a broad overview of positive behavior supports in community-based settings professionals serve adults that respect their status as people in adulthood.


These sessions are appropriate for a variety of community-based disability and transition professionals as well as self-advocates and families.


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This conference is being offered at no cost thanks to our funding partners, Developmental Disabilities Supports Division and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. 


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