LaGrange Area Department of Special Education

Secondary School Psychologists-Spotlighting a School

  School Psychologists Meeting


Date:  10/25/2022


Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Presenters: Pushpa Winbush; Lisa Hayes; McKenzie Sopoci




School psychologists from Riverside Brookfield High School (RBHS) will discuss their different roles, school initiatives, challenges, and successes. This session will provide an opportunity to learn from other school psychologists in the field while earning 1 hour of NASP PD credit.
Among other topics, the RBHS psychologists will share their experience with SEL screening and multi-tiered interventions.




  • Participants will gain information about the varied role of school psychologists in secondary settings
  • Participants will gain practical information about assessment and intervention in secondary settings
  • Participants will network with other school psychologists to support future learning



Selected Relevant NASP Domains:



Domain 4: Mental and Behavioral Health Services and Interventions


School psychologists recognize risk and protective factors and use data and assessment to

facilitate the design and delivery of curricula and interventions to help students develop

effective social–emotional skills, such as self-regulation, self-monitoring, self-advocacy,

planning/organization, empathy, positive coping strategies, interpersonal skills, and healthy

decision making.


Domain 6: Services to Promote Safe and Supportive Schools


School psychologists contribute to safe and supportive school environments by recognizing and

addressing risk and protective factors that are vital to understanding and addressing systemic

problems such as school failure, student disengagement, chronic absenteeism, school dropout,

bullying, substance abuse, youth suicide and self-harm, and school violence. They take steps to

promote prevention strategies and the development of protective factors that build resiliency.




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