LaGrange Area Department of Special Education

CPI Full Day Training - Multi District

Date:  2/15/2023


Time:  8:30 AM - 3:30 PM


Location:  LADSE North - Multi Purpose Room

1125 Harrison Ave. La Grange Park 


Trainers: Nancy Goodner




Crisis intervention is a small segment of time in which staff members must intervene with another person to address behavior that may escalate into disruptive or even violent incidents. The goal of staff is to intervene in a way that provides for the Care, Welfare,Safety and Security SM of all who are involved in a crisis situation. In order to accomplish this goal, staff members must ask themselves questions such as these: How do I recognize the early warning signs that a person's behavior may escalate? How can I intervene effectively before the person's behavior becomes dangerous? If a person does become violent, how can I control the violence while still providing Care, Welfare, Safety and Security SM for all involved?

This program emphasizes the importance of understanding all factors that can contribute to challenging behavior and the most effective means to safely intervene in each unique situation.







1125 Harrison Ave, La Grange Park










Continuing Education
Continuing Education Credit Certificate (CEU): PD Clock Hours - 8
PD Clock Hours (ISBE Evidence of Completion Form): PD Clock Hours - 8