Washington State Emergency Management Division

G0288 Local Volunteer and Donations Management

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 until Wednesday, August 5, 2020

8:00 AM until 5:00 PM

Course Description

The course is designed to strengthen the abilities of local jurisdictions to successfully prepare for and handle volunteer and donations management issues that may arise. The course content and activities may also serve as a template, thereby enhancing uniformity in addressing areas of donated unsolicited goods, unaffiliated volunteers, and undesignated cash. This training also provides information regarding the state's volunteer and donations management responsibilities, which are designed to help build relationships between government and non-governmental organizations.

Course Objectives
  • Develop an effective public education and information structure to support the successful management of unaffiliated volunteers, unsolicited goods, and undesignated cash donations in disasters.
  • Identify how to effectively manage the surge of unsolicited goods.
  • Gather information from organizations, agencies, volunteers, media, and others for donations intelligence purposes.
  • Facilitate the matching of unaffiliated volunteers with appropriate organizations or agencies during program implementation.
  • List the planning considerations for cash donations.
  • Incorporate technology needed to successfully manage information on unaffiliated volunteers and unsolicited goods.
  • Relate volunteer and donations management program responsibilities to the planning components of the annex.
  • Identify key organizations and individuals who have a role in managing unaffiliated volunteers, unsolicited goods, and undesignated cash donations in disasters.
  • Identify specific agencies and organizations and how they collaborate to form a Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team (VDCT).


Recommended: IS0100.b; IS0288.a; IS0700.a


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Target Audience

Local emergency managers and representatives of voluntary organizations.


1121 SE Everett Mall Way
Everett, WA 98208

Course Manager

Rachael Doniger

(425) 257-8111