Washington State Emergency Management Division

ICS-402 ICS Overview for Executives/Senior Officials

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Course Description

This course provides executives and senior officials (including elected officials, city/county managers, agency administrators, etc.) an orientation to the Incident Command System (ICS).

Course Objectives
  • Describe the Incident Command System (ICS).
  • Describe the various ways ICS can be applied.
  • Define the role of an executive/senior official relative to the ICS.
  • Describe the major responsibilities of an executive/senior official as related to an incident.
  • Demonstrate basic familiarity with ICS terminology.
  • Describe the basic organization of ICS and know the functional responsibilities of the Command and General Staffs.
  • Describe issues that influence incident complexity and the tools available to analyze complexity.
  • Describe the differences between on-incident ICS organizations and activities and the activities accomplished by Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), Area Commands, and Multi-Agency Coordination Systems (MACS).
  • Explain the administrative, logistical, financial, and reporting implications of large incident operations.
  • Describe the sources of information regarding the incident and how to access them.
  • Describe types of agency(ies) policies and guidelines that influence management of incident or event activities


None required.

Student Selection

Class size limited, preference is given to Washington State Department of Agriculture staff and invited guest agencies.


Columbia Rm, 1st floor of Legislative Building on Capitol Campus

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Course Manager

Randy J. Treadwell, MPH

Program Manager, Rapid Response & EM

Washington State Department of Agriculture



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