Washington State Emergency Management Division

AWR-328 All Hazards Preparedness for Animals in Disaster

Monday, October 5, 2020



Course Description

The course consists of a four-hour web-based portion and an eight-hour instructor-led portion. The pre-test and much of the course content are presented in the web-based portion of the course. The instructor-led portion will consist of table-top problem-solving activities that are based on the web-based content. The post-test at the end of the instructor-led course will cover both portions of the course.


This course will provide livestock producers, emergency managers, veterinarians,extension agents, veterinary technicians, rural community leaders, public and human health personnel,fire and law enforcement with tools to protect, respond to, and recover from the consequences of disasters (e.g. fire, flood, heat, earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, hazardous materials and catastrophic disease exposure) involving animals in rural communities. The course will introduce participants to the unique issues that must be considered and addressed when animals are involved in an emergency such as safe animal handling, animal evacuation, animal sheltering, humane euthanasia, carcass disposal, inclusion of animal management into existing ICS structures, and federal support available during recovery.

Course Objectives
  • Recognize the effect of disasters and emergencies on animals that could occur in rural communities
  • Recognize application of ICS structure to an animal related emergency response
  • Demonstrate understanding of safe animal handling and four common actions that may be used when responding to emergencies involving animals
  • Describe the recovery process and the resources available to rural communities recovering from emergencies involving animals
  • Analyze given disaster scenarios and propose a response and recovery plan that addresses the animals affected by the disaster

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is:

  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Service
  • Governmental Administrative
  • Law Enforcement
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Emergency Services
  • Citizen/Community Volunteer

Continuing Education
Contact: Hours - 8


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Course Manager

John Byars