Saturday, November 2, 2019
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

In-service: hours - 6

Durham Technical Community College, Building 5, Auditorium 100
1673 Lawson St.
Durham, NC 27703


10/28/2019 11:00 AM

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Cultivating the Strong Potential of All Children
Growing a Community Vision for Education


This workshop is part of a statewide initiative by the NC Reggio Emilia Collaborative titled, Geography of Connections: Children as Creators of Community. While the workshop is designed to help educators engage in the initiative, all are welcome to attend!

   Pam Oken-Wright
   Flexible Protocols For The Thinking Teacher

We all encounter sticking points in our work: projects that flounder or stall;  frustrations children experience; social dynamics that may be too dynamic, and so on. This presentation proposes flexible protocols for the thinking teacher as an alternative to resorting to old “scripts”. For teachers, administrators, teacher educators and pedagogists dedicated to the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach in our schools.

Pam Oken-Wright, M.Ed.,is a pedagogical consultant and author who worked with young children as a teacher-researcher for 36 years. She has studied the Reggio Emilia philosophy since 1990 and enjoys supporting teachers on their journeys exploring this most joyful (and complex!) way of teaching and learning, including through the Institute for Teaching and Learning at Sabot at Stony Point School.  Pam travels nationally and, recently, internationally, to consult and give workshops and keynotes. She has contributed to:

From Teaching to Thinking, A Pedagogy For Rethinking Our Work
Teaching And Learning: Collaborative Exploration of the Reggio Emilia Approach
Next Steps Toward Teaching The Reggio Way
Choosing the Right Educational Path for Your Child: What Are the Options?Taking The PYP Forward; The future of the IB Primary Years Programme

Insights and Inspirations from Reggio Emilia: Stories of Teachers and Children from North America 
Authentic Childhood
Early Childhood Education: An International Encyclopedia

She has published articles in Innovations in Early Education: The International Reggio Exchange  and Young Children.
Her most recent work is published in her blog for educators, “The Voices Of Children: Lessons Learned While Listening” at

             Carmen Raynor
     Making Connections: The Evolution of a Project

During the 2018-2019 school year, our 4-6 year-olds at Carolina Friends Durham Early School guided us through an exploration of the ways people make connections. We will use this project, titled Making Connections, to examine the reflective thinking practices my co-teacher and I used during the evolution of this project. Participants will hear how we as teachers used observation, documentation and planning to respond to the children, both when there were ‘sticking’ points and when the project was flowing.

Carmen Raynor is the Head Teacher at Carolina Friends Durham Early School in Durham, North Carolina. She has been teaching for 30+ years in a variety of public, private and non-profit settings. Carmen first learned about the municipal infant-toddler and preschools of Reggio Emilia in 1994 when a colleague gave her the book The Hundred Languages of Children: The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education. In 1996, Carmen joined the staff of Carolina Friends School with a particular interest in melding together Quaker pedagogy and the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. She has gone to Reggio Emilia twice, once for an international conference and again in 2018 for a study tour. In 2017, she was part of the group that brought The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children exhibit to North Carolina, serving as the Chair of the professional development working group. In 2018, this group formed the NC Reggio Emilia Collaborative to continue the work cultivating the strong potential of all children while growing a community vision of education in North Carolina. In addition, Carmen is the Chair of the Geography of Connections: Children as Creators of Community Educational Project and Exhibit.

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Durham Technical Community College, Building 5, Auditorium 100
1673 Lawson St.
Durham, NC 27703
In-service training hours-6.0 hrs
$75.00, $60 for NAREA Members

Lunch is available for an additional fee of $12.60

NO REFUNDS will be given.


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