Take a Tour of Tourette Syndrome Online Self Paced (2 hours/.2 CEU)


Take a Tour of Tourette Syndrome


What are the signs, when do they develop?

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Take a Tour of Tourette Syndrome Online Self Paced (2 hours/.2 CEU) is a IACET CEU: Credits - 0.2 learning event.


What constitutes an involuntary tic? Can these ever be controlled? Is Tourette Syndrom a behavior or neurological disorder? Does Tourette Syndrome worsen as a child gets older? What, if any, is the cause of Tourette Syndrome? This learning event will provide a tour of Tourette Syndrome including, but not limited to, symptoms, characteristics, different types of tics, how it is diagnosed with the onset being being between ages 3 & 9 years of age and importantly, the child's perspective on how Tourette Syndrome makes them feel. Attend this learning event to acquire practical strategies for children of all ages in early care and education environments with a focus on the school age years.


After attending this event, participants will be able to describe the main characteristics and identify the impact of Tourette Syndrome on young children as well as incorporate practical strategies into their environment.


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Karen’s personal information:

Family demographics: Originally from West Virginia, has 1 sister, lives in Kings Mountain.  Recently had a very small, private wedding ceremony and married Jeff Presnell, but kept the name Karen Darby, on Tuesday, 2-22-2022.  Karen has no children of her own but enjoys spending time with Jeff’s grown children and grandchildren.


Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, biking, flower gardening, painting, willing to try anything outdoors at least once.


Outside interests: Teaches an adult swimming class for the City of Shelby, Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor, Volunteers in the community and senior center


Future plans/aspirations: An on-going goal is to be a published author (of more than just an article or blogpost), bring the on-demand learning platform/courses to the level of recognition of a statewide project/be viewed as a statewide project director or advance to a higher position in SW, if applicable and available. 


Contact Karen at darby.karen@swcdcinc.org

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