From Nosebleeds to Needlesticks-Encounters with Bloodborne Pathogens- Self Paced On demand Online (5 hours-.5 CEU)




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Every day, bloodborne pathogens are the result of infections by disease-causing microorganisms. There are specific actions and procedures that must be taken to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) Standards. These procedures make every workplace safer, but they are also necessary to keep every employee safe from risks of bloodborne pathogens. You might be wondering if you are at risk and what are the diseases that are most commonly transmitted through bloodborne pathogens? What do you do in an actual incident involving blood or body fluids? Does your facility have an exposure plan? How do you prevent the spread of these diseases? Participants attending this training will be able to answer these questions as well as identify the bloodborne pathogens of primary concern, list ways that bloodborne pathogens can enter a person's body, sequence the steps in proper removal of disposable gloves and select the most appropriate responses in an exposure incident simulation.


Course requirements to earn the CEU certificate include attending the online session, reading handouts, interactive questions, and passing a post knowledge assessment with a score of 90% or higher (multiple attempts allowed).


From Nosebleeds to Needlesticks-Encounters with Bloodborne Pathogens- Self Paced On demand Online (5 hours-.5 CEU)

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IACET CEU: Credits - 0.5

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Karen’s personal information:

Family demographics: Originally from West Virginia, has 1 sister, lives in Kings Mountain.  Recently had a very small, private wedding ceremony and married Jeff Presnell, but kept the name Karen Darby, on Tuesday, 2-22-2022.  Karen has no children of her own but enjoys spending time with Jeff’s grown children and grandchildren.


Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, biking, flower gardening, painting, willing to try anything outdoors at least once.


Outside interests: Teaches an adult swimming class for the City of Shelby, Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor, Volunteers in the community and senior center


Future plans/aspirations: An on-going goal is to be a published author (of more than just an article or blogpost), bring the on-demand learning platform/courses to the level of recognition of a statewide project/be viewed as a statewide project director or advance to a higher position in SW, if applicable and available. 


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IACET CEU: Credits - 0.5

In order to earn the certificate, participants are required read course handouts, watch video clips, answer online interactive questions, and score a 90% or higher on a post knowledge assessment. Certificates are immediately available for downloading, printing, and saving directly from the course software in PDF format.

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