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Human Trafficking is Happening-Course Description


Human trafficking is a real and growing problem in the United States and all over the world. It is most likely happening in a location near you. From rural to urban environments, predators prey on those most vulnerable. Through a multitude of strategies and tactics, these predators prey on children, teens and adults. Human traffickers can be difficult to detect unless educators are trained to recognize the signs. Can you differentiate between human trafficking and human smuggling? Ca you describe the types of human smuggling? Attend this interactive, self paced training at your convenience and learn about human trafficking that is happening!


Participants attending this training will be able to state the differences between human trafficking and human smuggling, list the vulnerabilities in populations putting them at risk for human trafficking, describe tactics used by predators, and define the role of the educator in establishing a system of support and rapport with the survivors of human trafficking.


Course requirements to earn the CEU certificate include attending the online course sessions, reading handouts, watching video vignettes, interactive online activities, and passing a post knowledge assessment with a score of 90% or higher (multiple attempts allowed).


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A bit about Karen Darby

Karen is originally from a small town in northern West Virginia, she has 1 sister who currently lives in Orlando, Florida.  Karen lives in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, which is in Cleveland County.   Karen had a very small, private wedding ceremony on 2-22-2022, it was a Tuesday! She kept the name Karen Darby, for professional purposes. Karen has no children of her own but enjoys spending time with her husband's grown children and grandchildren.

Karen's hobbies include anything outdoors, but at the top of her list are: swimming, walking hiking, biking, flower gardening, painting, and she is willing to try anything outdoors at least once.  She is however, afraid of heights.

In her spare time, Karen teaches an adult swimming class for the City of Shelby, she is a certified Aqua Fitness Instructor and certified Lifeguard and certified as a CPR/First Aid/AED instructor.  Karen finds that she volunteers in the community and senior center on a frequent basis, but she loves to spend time with her dog!

An on-going goal of Karen's is to become published author (of more than just an article or blogpost) and to continue to offer the continuing education courses at SWCDC at the highest level of standard possible.

Contact Karen at

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