2019 Exhibitor Application

All exhibitors must complete this form before June 15 to be considered for the MAEDS conference.

If possible please have the names of all personnel attending the event before filling out this form.

Exhibitors should not make travel plans or register a hotel room until they have been notified that their application has been accepted.  Submitting an application does not constitute acceptance to the Fall MAEDS Conference.  MAEDS is not responsible for any fees incurred by Exhibitors who attempt to reserve rooms or make travel arrangements before notification of acceptance has been received.

The exhibitor fee is split into 2 parts again this year.  

The first part is dynamic - $275 per representative payable to MAEDS through this ABC Signup System. No charges will be applied until your application has been accepted

The second part is static - $400 per vendor payable direct to Shanty Creek.  An email with the link to pay this portion will be emailed once your application has been accepted

The application window runs from April 15 to June 15.  Exhibitor selections are done at our board meeting that usually takes place in late-June.  Applicants can expect to be notified of their status by mid-July.