Google Forms Essentials: Creating Digital Assessments

Date: 11/18/2019 - 12/20/2019

Professional Development Hours: Units - 2


Most people know Google Forms as an information gathering app. It allows users to create surveys and collect data quickly and easily; but that's not all. In this course, you will learn everything K12 educators need to know to build forms specifically for formative and summative student assessments. Get a walkthrough of the process of building forms in Google, including how to add questions, insert images and videos, and invite others to collaborate on forms. Forms assessments support various types of question formats such as text, paragraph, multiple-choice, lists, check boxes, scale, and grid. You will cover how to work with student responses, including customizing response settings, sending the form to recipients, viewing and analyzing response data, and the most exciting feature for teachers: creating self-grading digital quizzes and tests.

- Participants will learn how to build a Google Form.
- Participants will learn how to create both formative and summative digital student assessments.
- Participants will learn how to distribute forms to students via Google Classroom, LMS, website, or email.
- Participants will learn how to view, analyze, and customize student data generated by forms.
- Participants will create both a formative and summative digital assessment specifically for their students, content area, or grade level.



Registration open through 11/22/2019 10:59 PM.


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