E-Rate 471 Workshop- Jacksonville

Date: 3/12/2019

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Professional Development Hours: Units - 6


ERate applicants file an FCC Form 471 to request discounts on eligible products and services. Applicants must include information on the recipients of services, discount calculations, costs of service, dates of service, and service provider(s). Please be prepared to provide detailed descriptions of services, and certify compliance with program rules. Applicants must have a 470 filed at least 28 days before filing the 471. After that 28 day window, contracts may be signed, and additional details needed for the application can be discussed with the chosen providers.

Please remember to bring:

An internet ready device

Your EPiC login and password

A copy of this year's 470

A copy of last year's 471

Electronic copies/scans of any new contracts or signed/dated chosen bids

Bidding matrix (if you haven't evaluated bids already)

If you are not 'geeky' and filing for Cat2 - a general understanding/description of the equipment you are asking for. We have to put it into categories and types, so please have a quick conversation with your local 'geek' or chosen provider before you come.



Registration Fee:

Registration open through 3/11/2019 10:59 PM.


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